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Sunday Aug. 13th 2023


808shows.com/blog is an old website.

Check these for more current info:

instagram:  /jason_808shows

facebook:  /808shows

Saturday Apr. 29th 2023


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Thursday Dec. 13th 2018

Concerts in Hawaii

You have come to the right place for concerts in Hawaii.

Thursday Dec. 13th 2018

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Visit 808shows.storenvy.com today!

Monday Apr. 6th 2015

Hosting an event?

Sell tickets to your events!

Monday Apr. 6th 2015

Mahalo for 20 years!

20 years - Thanks everyone for the support!

Saturday Jan. 4th 2014

Happy New Year

Saturday Apr. 6th 2013

Weekly one-hour radio show!

Thursday Oct. 11th 2012

Missing Something?

Saturday Sep. 8th 2012

Volunteer? Part-time Internship?

Saturday Sep. 8th 2012


Thursday Sep. 6th 2012

The Henry Rollins show is SOLD OUT

Sunday Jun. 24th 2012

Knumbskulls CD Reissue!

Thursday Jun. 21st 2012

Monday morning we'll have a new event posted!

Check in again for details!

Saturday Jun. 2nd 2012

May 2012

Saturday Apr. 14th 2012

Record Store Day 2012

Friday Mar. 16th 2012

Want to open a club?

Wednesday Mar. 7th 2012

Want Help with Presale Ticket Sales?

Thursday Feb. 23rd 2012

Sat. Feb. 25th

Thursday Feb. 23rd 2012

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